Learning for improving the quality consciousness and product quality

In order to implement the policy for "eliminate the bad products, adherence to delivery", comprehensively enhance the quality consciousness and skills of all employees, According to Lin general manager's instructions, by the quality assurance dept., launching the series of training activities of "learning for improving the quality consciousness and product quality”.

The training activities from the beginning of March, lasting for 6 months, so far has been completed, training activities from three aspects of "quality management, quality awareness", "professional knowledge" and "technical skills", carrying out learning activities comprehensively and systematically.

In March 18th, attended by all the staff of the first training started the "learning" series of training. First of all, Lin general manager for the mobilization of the event, he profoundly expounded the significance of the "learning", Asked all staff to actively participate in training activities related to learning, through training and learning, improve their own quality consciousness and level of professional technique, Make positive efforts and contributions to the basic principle of the practice of "eliminate the bad products, adherence to delivery" of the company.

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